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Thank god, someone took the time to make this.

The Sonic Cycle is a concept that's purpose is to explain the sequence of events that occur after the announcement of a new Sonic game. With the release of quality games such as Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations (and to a certain extent of some people Sonic Unleashed), the cycle is often considered to be "broken". However, many people still insist on its validity.Also with the release of two good sonic games  sega decided to  reconstruct the cycle with Sonic Lost World (but most people thought it stunk from day one), quite possibly the worst example on record, and It dominated Sonic Boom. The Sonic Cycle is considered one of the greatest Sonic memes.

First Info on New Game

  • Shutupandtakemyfile

    Phase 1

    Lack of friends.
  • No Gimmicks Seen.
  • Hopes are Raised.
  • Fans Declare Sonic's Return.

More Info

  • Sonic fans in a nutshell

    Phase 2

    Pictures of friends (or really, anyone other than Sonic or Robotnik)
  • Pictures of new friends.
  • New Gimmick Announced.
  • Bad Gameplay.
  • Hopes Hit the Ground.

(Additional step: Childish graphics)

Game Released

  • Very angry 3

    Phase 3

    Critics and Fans Alike Slam the Game.
  • Massive Disappointment.
  • "I'm done with Sonic!"
  • New game is announced. Go back to Step 1 & repeat the cycle over & over until the end of time, or unless there is a good one, or unless one is so bad it's a Franchise Killer.

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