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Sonic the Hedgehog is a 2006 platform video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was produced in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was made with the intent of making you regret the day you became a Sonic fan.

The game shares its name with two earlier video games, a manga, a television series, a comic book series and their eponymous main character. To disambiguate, the game has been referred to as Sonic 2006. It was released in late 2006 for Xbox 360, and early 2007 for PlayStation 3. Both versions have received almost exclusively negative reviews, with critics panning the long loading times, poor camera system, constant gameplay glitches, complicated plotting and lack of control. Many people consider it to be the worst Sonic game ever made. 


Doctor Fatbotnik kidnaps Princess Carrot Legs to release a space demon called flame worm but Roger the Porcupine gets in the way and fails to do anything. Roger then dies but gets better after making out with Carrot Legs. There's this guy called Pothead the Porcupine who has future powers, no mouth tricks him, and then he and a cat to go to the past and try to kill Roger, but no longer believes Roger is evil because an invisible hedgehog told him so. Shadow gets his own free recolor (no mouth) and travels around time for no reason, then he beats up Pothead making him the second best character in the game. Then no mouth fuses with flame worm and becomes a god, then everyone has a party. Oh and Sonic turns super and saves the day.


The most highly praised parts of the game is it's physics, containing realistic features such as:

  • Flying by spinning on top of a steel crate
  • Flying by shrinking and jumping repeatedly
  • Bouncing into the air by gliding onto a platform
  • Zipping upwards when gliding onto the edge of a tower
  • Zipping forwards when hitting a dash plate on a loop
  • The ability to slide up a mountain when riding a snowboard
  • The ability to hover infinitely by spamming the hover button
  • Getting stuck at the end of a rail
  • Getting stuck on a stalactite that you aren't even touching
  • Walking across a loop and not falling down.
  • Going into space by Pothead the Porcupine.
  • Walking on lava.
  • Humans in the world of a anthropomorphic hedgehog.

Loading Screens


The moment you see this, the moment you lose the game.

The Loading screen is the true main antagonist of the game, for it takes at least an hour just to move on.

The Loading screen is a great contribution to this game's fine quality especially with the town missions which is guarunteed to give you 4 loading screens. One to load the text box to tell you what to do, one to load the mission, one to load to the result screen and one to load you back to the HUB world.

The Loading screens are so bad that no one knew the game's ending until 2008, when a group of people from Something Awful teamed up to finish the game once and for all.

Mach Speed Sections

The Mach Speed Sections are infamous for being the worst part of the game. Combining finnicky controls with way too fast gameplay. Breakdancing is one of Sonic's favorite activities during these areas, every time Sonic is hit he will begin to breakdance. He like likes to do this so much he will breakdance while falling to his death.

However there is one good thing about the Mach Speed Sections, SEGA decided to create a Wii exclusive title that expanded upon these sections with much better controls and slowed down gameplay. The end result was Sonic and the Secret Rings. This game not only fixed all of the problems with these sections, but is also A LOT better than Sonic 06 itself.

Sonic vs. Silver

Sonic's fight with Silver is infamous for having some of the WORST programming ever seen in a major release.  Silver's main attack consists of grabbing Sonic with his telekinesis (while saying "It's no use! Taaaaake this!" in the most annoying way possible) and then throwing him at terminal velocity, causing damage whenever he hits a boundary, which can be either a wall or the ceiling since Silver can throw him upwards as well as sideways.

The problem is, it's incredibly easy for Silver to pin Sonic in a corner and keep slamming him into the same wall over and over again, and since any rings you have will scrape up against the wall and be collected again before you can move it goes on like this FOREVER. Oh, but it gets better: because the programmers we

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Silver Boss Fight Glitches!03:44

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Silver Boss Fight Glitches!

re terrible at deciding what to load and when to load it, it's possible for Silver to fling Sonic outside of the level boundaries.

Being that this is the second boss fight in the game, the only real explanation for this it is that the programmers were drunk out of their minds while working on it.


  • You won't live for another 3 days if you play this game, the world record for the longest someone lived was 3 days, 7 hours, 34 seconds, and 61 milliseconds. The most common time is 1 hour.
  • The loading screen is the only demon stronger than Solaris, as it can control the game disk itself.
  • In the game Silver keeps trying, and trying, and trying to tell you that its no use to play the game.
  • This game reveals that if Sonic dies, Shadow will lose his confidence.
  • Silver is the smartest enemy, as he is the only one who doesn't give you an obvious chance to attack him.
  • When Silver gets you through the wall, just run as fast as you can!
  • It is possible for Silver to get out of bounds with Sonic. How does Silver get out of bounds, he It No Use himself.
  • You don't have to buy the game to hear the its great music.
  • This game has Emerald Coast clone, HUB area, multiple gameplay types... Do you know what this game should have been called yet?

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